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A Zankich Services has been providing firewood to vendors and families within the community and out of this state since the early 1990's. With various types of wood like Oak, Eucalyptus, Avocado, Pine and Citrus. We can definitely find exactly what our clients prefer most.

Any single family home can place an order to have our firewood delivered and stacked for free with no hassles. We bring firewood to all our clients and provide VIP Service. Weather ordering a large or small amount. No family will be turned away due to inability of paying full price! We consider our customers needs, comfort, living situation and health, as well as financial status when selling our product. If you have proof of a reduced electricity bill from SDG&E or an income cut / decrease, have recently been a victim of crime or natural disaster, loss of work or a new born child? Let us know and options can be discussed for your situation to save you money and still enjoy a warm and cozy home. We believe in doing the right thing and support those that have faith.

The wood is cut to fit the average home and is split into manageable size pieces.

A Zankich Services in North San Diego County, wants to provide you a quality product at a fair price, delivered and stacked professionally! The firewood is brought to your home and stacked wherever, depending on the customer's need. Give us a call to set up a delivery day and time. We offer our workmanship for the entire North San Diego County area. With the finest firewood, state of the art hauling equipment. Because we believe in quality, doing right and we have moral standards.

Firewood Inventory:

  • Avocado
  • Oak
  • Eucalyptus
  • Pine
  • Citrus

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